Welcome to Strict Logic Software!

Strict Logic is an IT Consulting Company providing the full scope of software solutions:

  • real time applications
  • complex dynamic websites
  • e-commerce

Whether you need a small business site or a marketplace for worldwide trading or a complex application for your business, our qualified experts will provide you with the ideal solution, which meets and shifts your business objectives. Our knowledge and 14 years experience in IT enables us to create professional, fast and easy-to-use sites and web applications timeously and within your budget.

We have vast experience in programming and site development. We have developed and implemented dozens of web sites and complex desktop applications for different companies worldwide solving their IT related problems.

We have our clients worldwide: in North America, Western Europe, Asia or Russia, and we maintain close relations with them.

We tolerate nothing but the best quality and the highest robustness in our development process.


Our professional qualified experts have knowledge and experience to create the best solution to shift your business objectives.

Competitive price:

Whether you are a large corporation or a startup small business, we can offer you the site or application of highest quality at reasonable price that meets your budget.

Cutting-edge technologies:

At Strict Logic we use the latest technologies along with the classic programming paradigms to create reliable, smart and effective solution for your business needs.

Contact us today to discuss your business needs and questions and receive a free proposal from our friendly and knowledgeable IT consultants.